1. DAM Forum is a monthly informal gathering for HRM professionals organized and sponsored by Dr. Abdelaziz Mustafa and managed by Limya Dafallah.
2. The purpose of the Forum is to provide a forum for HRM professionals to meet, share knowledge, experience, and learn from each other.
3. The Forum has no formal, corporate, association, group or society status.It is simply an opportunity and time for HRM professionals to meet once a month to discuss matters, issues and topics of common interest that are relevant to HRM.
4. The Forum has no regulator, membership or any other participation status.
5. Attendees of the Forum are the guests of Dr. Abdelaziz Mustafa.
6. The cost of operating the Forum will be fully covered by Dr. Abdelaziz Mustafa.
7. The Forum will not maintain funds or have bank accounts. It will not accept donations or any other form of financial contributions.
8. The Forum will be convened the last Wednesday of the month except if that day is or within a public holiday. In such a case, the Forum will be on the following Sunday.
9. The duration of the Forum is two and a half hour from 7:30 to 10:00 PM.
10. Everyone is welcome to give a presentation to the Forum or share ideas or invite a speaker.
11. If there is no speaker or a planned activity, people will chat freely about the different HRM issues.